We are QUICKFIRE GAMES, an indie game development studio based in Seville (Spain) and whose first release PRELUDE DARK PAIN will be made at 2024. The studio was born with the dream of creating video games that we would really like to play, approaching the developments from new creative mechanics and being free to create new experiences for our players. We seek to create projects with a clear playable and creative identity, doing what we love the most, developing and creating new worlds for our players.

Our first project is PRELUDE DARK PAIN, a tactical RPG with great action and strategy components. More than 55 playable characters to form your squad, advanced mechanics of combos and adverse effects, customize your forces with more than ten professions or branches of combat, each hero has a talent tree with three specialties and more than 20 skills to select to create countless formations and strategies to defeat your enemies. A non-linear story with real weight of your decisions, reputations to improve and maintain, main and secondary story lines for you and your heroes in a rich world full of cultures, clans and enemies to discover. Over 50 hours of open world gameplay await you in 2024.

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