We are QUICKFIRE GAMES, an indie game development studio based in Seville (Spain). The studio was born with the dream of creating video games that we would really like to play, approaching the developments from new creative mechanics and being free to create new experiences for our players. We seek to create projects with a clear playable and creative identity, doing what we like the most, developing and creating new worlds for our players.

We have always worked in companies related to technology or design until we decided to form our own company, or rather, our two small studios. QUICKFIRE GAMES was born in 2020 to focus on video game development and BLACK TALES STUDIO a year later to manage all the design and art part of the different projects we carry out. Currently our first game will see the light at the end of 2024 and we hope that the release window of our next projects will not exceed one year of development. Although the bulk of the development has fallen on only two people, it is true that we have had external support in areas such as music, improvement and development of the script as well as the management and improvement of the studio itself.
We hope to continue making some noise for many years!


Pablo Castellanos

Music/Sound Producer And Social Media

Pablo Castellanos, co-founder of the studio, Arturo Martin's partner in crime for more than 20 years, administrator, musical director, community manager and whatever it takes to keep the studio from collapsing.

Prefers platform and action games TOP 3 Games of all time:
1.Super Mario World (snes 1992)
2.Uncharted 3 (ps3 2011)
3.God of War (ps4 2018)

David Ramos

Senior Programmer And Project Management

Creator of virtual worlds. Indi since the CPC6128 and crazy about Retro and VR. This is how David Ramos describes himself in his social networks. Programmer since the 80's, he is in charge of breathing logic into QuickFire Studio's games.

Prefers virtual reality games, TOP 3 Games of all time:
1.Final Fight (arcade 1989)
2.Alone in the dark (pc 1992)
3.Skyrim VR (psVR 2018)

Francisco Ruano

Script Support And Narrative Design Manager

Biologist, lover of games and stories. Originally from Seville, I lived in the UK for three years, but in the end I came back to my homeland. Nintendero since I was a kid, but I really like all consoles and genres. Big fan of board games and Magic: The Gathering, very competitive in a good way. I love roleplaying games as a director, especially when they are 100% homebrew and focus on my players' backstories. I used to be an avid reader, but I don't have time for everything anymore. I'm trying to catch up on Cosmere now, but Sanderson writes faster than I have time to read.

Prefers adventure, card and role-playing games, TOP 3 Games of all time:
1.Portal 1&2 (pc 2007)
2.Pokémon (Game boy advanced 1996)
3.Undertale (switch 2015)

Jacob Portillo

Art Direction

The artist behind the cover and much of the illustrations for the story mode of Prelude Dark Pain is also responsible for part of the conceptual art and the entire artistic part of the map mode that appears in the game.

Prefers RPG or action/adventure games, TOP 3 Games of all time:
1.Final fantasy VII (psx 1997)
2.Elden Ring (ps5 2022)
3.Word of Warcraft (pc 2004)